Most people are apolitical. Not out of any real choice on their part, but being political requires passing a certain threshold of wealth and most people don’t have enough money to get through there. That doesn’t mean people think they’re apolitical, they absolutely don’t, most people strongly hold certain beliefs and they think that makes them political. The issue of course is that people have been given a false view of politics, they think it involves activities an individual can influence like voting and protesting, when in reality politics is about consensus building, which is something that does not take place on an individual level outside of the smallest of communities.

One could argue that it’s perfectly possible to consensus build within the family, within the school, within the church, and that an individual may take part in the consensus building of those communities. But arguing that would be ignoring the fact that those communities are no longer cut off from the larger community. Nearly every family member will have a cellphone with internet access, as will every student, and every church goer. That is where money comes into play. Those with money can pay others to consensus build for them, and the penniless individual can not compete with even two opponents whose incomes are reliant upon their side winning. Even the most opinionated of individuals will have to take time off from consensus building in order to ensure that they do not starve to death, while the paid people will obviously not, and during those breaks of necessity the individual will be outmaneuvered by the political mercenaries.

This means that in reality the only real political actors are the wealthy, those who can afford to lose money, those who can afford to pay others to push their opinions. If you can’t do that, the best you could hope for is to bash your head against the brick wall of wealth long enough for an actual political actor to notice you and take a liking to you, in which case they may bankroll you to spread your own opinions. But what would cause such a person to take a liking to you? Perhaps sharing some of their politics in the first place, and how did you end up with those politics anyways, what influenced you in your formative years to make you the way you are now?

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