On Being Ostracized

I don’t think there’s a single website on the internet meant for socializing that I’ve used which hasn’t at one point either banned me, shadow banned me, or deleted my posts. Having those things happen used to motivate me to post more, to keep on pushing, to make a new account, to cover more ground than the moderators, the gatekeepers, and the petty dictators were capable of covering, but at this point I’ve lost interest. You can only be kicked out of the bar so many times before you become more used to being outside than inside. I feel the same way about society.

People are the same everywhere you go. It really matters very little whether one group dislikes another or whether a group was formed from the outcasts of another, once the union begins so too do the familiar behaviors. Keeping that fact in mind there are probably a lot of people exactly like me. People with nowhere to go and nothing to do. People who want to do something, but who have no idea what that something would be. People who want to be different from others, but who have nothing to actually set them apart from the crowd. I often want to tell myself that I have nothing in common with anyone else, because I dislike people so very much, but the sad truth of the matter is that I have a lot of very bad things in common with just about everyone. I’m not special, and yet I’m still alone. What a lonely species we are.

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