Waking Accomplishments

I’ve been really impressed with how long I’ve been able to stay awake these days. Today I’ve been up for at least eight hours, yesterday I was awake for at least nine. People might not be able to understand how impressive this is, but when you have literally nothing to do aside from eating and digesting food it can be very difficult to keep your eyes open. And I’ve been managing to keep my eyes open for quite some time. I don’t expect people with work to do to understand, but what I’m doing by staying awake for eight hours a day or more is harder than anything anyone else has ever done in the history of the world. Even people who stay awake for 24 hours or more aren’t accomplishing as much as I am in my eight hours, because my eight hours are much harder than theirs. It’s kind of graded on a curve, with me at the top because I’m the best and then everyone else on the bottom because they suck.

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