Crucial Insight

Whenever I’m walking down the street and I spot another human being, whether that be one on the path in front of me, or off in distance to the side somewhere, I begin to imagine myself as a skilled gymnast and/or martial artist. Someone with tremendous strength of will and body. Having put myself in that mindset I then feel comfortable to move on to the next stage of visualization.

In this next stage I approach the human being. I verbally get their attention with rather rude and specific words that vary depending upon the person’s own inherent traits. This is the part where they get a little rowdy on me. They may say something back to me that I find truly hurtful or, and this is often the case, they will physically assault me.

Finding myself in a position where I have no choice but to defend myself from this figure, I call upon my skills of mind and body. Using every muscle group available within my arms, legs, and core, I subdue them. I throw them to the ground. I knock them out. Having conquered this person in my mind I then feel it is appropriate for me to make eye contact with them in the material world, and perhaps even to smile at them.

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