Is the world weird? It certainly feels strange sometimes, but wouldn’t something not weird have to also exist in order for the world to be weird? It seems like we exist in an odd and sometimes baffling place in space and time, but that oddness is simply the norm.

Some people believe themselves to be weird. I’m not sure if I really believe it. Because I don’t know who the standard human was. I never met Adam, and the book didn’t describe him all that much anyways. Eve talked to snakes, not sure if that’s strange since she was one of the first. Wouldn’t it have been normal to talk to animals back then? Maybe it still is. At the very least, girls with black hair and black clothes don’t seem very strange to me. Even the ones who stab people seem to be pretty standard. Everything I can imagine is actually pretty ordinary, because if I can imagine it, if I can picture it, then it must have come from somewhere, right? There has to be a source. And if there’s a source, then how can you call it strange?

I guess the weird is what we can’t connect to anything else. Those truly untethered times in our lives. Like when people get abducted by aliens, although that’s a bad example, since apparently a lot of people have been abducted by aliens. So many people have been abducted by aliens that even those of us who haven’t been abducted by aliens have an idea of what it’s like to be abducted by aliens. So something truly strange, I think that must be something we know nothing about… If that’s the case, though, was the entire world weird to Socrates?

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