No One Care Me

Is it plagiarism to say the same thing someone else did when it applies to your own life? If one guy comes up with the perfect way to describe despair, must every description afterwards remain lesser to stay honest? Cioran said everything I could possibly say before I was even born. Anonymous anime avatars on Twitter have also said it all, and they even managed to be funny about it. So should I just stay silent with my sadness? If I had any honor, yes, I probably would keep my lips sealed, but I find talking about it alleviates the pain, at least a little bit. Even if you’re saying something as overdone as, “No one understands me.” It still rings true and feels good to get off the chest. No one does understand me, I’m completely alienated, not just from the mass of the many, but also from every other cluster of personalities, no matter how small or sad they may also be, they’re still not me, and I’m still not them. No matter how many traits I might share with somebody else, no matter how many of their words I might repeat, I will never understand them as anything more than an incomplete image. This makes me wonder if plagiarism is even really possible, since the meaning of words is just as much derived from the person speaking them as it is from the actual words. If this sounds stupid, just imagine if it was said by someone you actually like, and all of a sudden it will make a lot of sense.

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