Curiosity did not kill the cat. If anything it kept it alive. Without curiosity there would be no reason to drink another glass of water, to eat another bowl of oatmeal, or to see another sunrise. Only through an interest in possibility can we sustain ourselves through a life of so much repetition. Sleep for example, we have to do so much of it, and how could we without a curiosity for what might happen after we wake, or what might happen in our dreams? The cat needs to wonder what the food in its dish might taste like in order to take a bite. It needs to consider what’s going on outside to go get its exercise.

There’s no better way to motivate than with a mystery, and no surer way to stop something than to explain it. A shame that we live in a time with more answers than questions. Satellite mapping and extensive databases, no doubt more limited than one would expect, yet still debilitating in their ability to illuminate. No one really wants to shine a light on things, what we want is to grope in the darkness for as long as possible, and in a world of wisdom humanity will have no choice but to walk away.

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