Who am I talking to?

No one aside from myself reads anything I post on this website. There are analytics that I can check, and I know from them that no one ever clicks on any of the pages. Sometimes I add pages, remove pages, create posts, delete posts, and I’m the only one who I could be doing that for, because no one else is watching. So it’s pure narcissism, pure self-centeredness, which I would actually like to cultivate more of. Being self-centered isn’t a bad thing when you’re alone, because if you aren’t interested in yourself when you are alone, then there’s nothing that can get you through the day. To survive as a loner you really do need to have an almost delusional sense of self-worth. No one else is going to give you any validation, no one else is going to care whether you live or die, so you have to cultivate narcissism if you’re unwilling to stop eating. I’m talking to myself here, and I hope to have a lot more conversations going forward, because it’s this or nothing at all, and I feel like if I could handle nothing at all then I would already be doing that.

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