Clearing the Mental Clutter

Thinking about what I thought about last night makes me think I need to stop consuming content. So long as I’m filling my head with other people’s ideas, whether they be in the form of movies, books, songs, stories, games, or posts, I will continue to be a non-entity. I need a factory reset. I will not watch a single movie, start reading a single new book (not counting the ones already in my room) or look at a single website aside from this one until this works. I will only be using the internet to post my own thoughts for the next 365 days. As silly as that sounds, doing this, or more accurately not doing those other things, will be very difficult for me. I’ve very much grown used to drowning out the voice in my head with all the voices outside my head, but no more. This is necessary. If I don’t do this, nothing will change.

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