Do I Own My Thoughts?

I’m starting to wonder if my mind is entirely made up of memes. I can’t really think of a single original thing that I’ve ever thought. Throughout the day I mostly just consume content, sucking in stuff I see online, and then in the rare moments in time where I am interacting with other people, I just regurgitate that stuff. Makes me feel more like a plant or some kind of undersea fungi than a human being with a purpose in this world, because I have no long term goals or plans. I just wake up, eat food, expel waste, drink liquids, then go back to sleep. I just exist and get influenced, without ever doing the influencing. I really hate it. I want it to change, but I haven’t yet come upon any ideas that I could absorb which would be useful in getting me out of this state of being. And I’m not sure how much time I have left to find these thoughts, because I feel as though this way of life is killing me.

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