I’m Fine?

It’s only been about 24 hours that I’ve avoided outside information, only about a day of me thinking about my own thoughts and immediate surroundings, and I already feel better. The main idea that seems to be my own idea, is that the world’s problems aren’t my problems because I’m not causing any of them. All of the things that upset me about reality are either the laws of nature, which is nature’s problem, or the way other people behave, which is their problem. I definitely dislike other people, and I definitely dislike the personification of the universe, but I kind of have the perfect life to be able to just avoid and ignore those things as much as possible. I have no friends, I have no job, I have no responsibilities. I can just not care, and no one will notice me not caring. The only thing I actually have to be worried about is the health of my physical body, I do have to deal with that, but beyond that, none of it is my problem.

I can’t even remember why my situation has caused me so much anguish over the years. It’s like I’ve been stressed out about other people’s responsibilities. It was like I was envisioning an imaginary me that had some sort of duty to the world, but that guy wasn’t me. At no point in my life have I ever had a relationship with reality. It’s genuinely not my problem, none of it is, and I’m not really sure what to do now other than feel a tremendous sense of relief.

I’m very curious what thoughts I’ll have tomorrow and the day after that if I can continue on this path of non-consumption.

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