Opinions on Opinions over What to Do with Opinions

File cabinets full of aesthetic judgements, boxes atop boxes of liked and disliked human behaviors, political stances shoved in shelves, coat pockets, and even beneath the mattress. I’ve acquired so many opinions over the years that I’ll have to start throwing them out.

Said this sort of thing dozens of times in the past, so my mind keeps going back to the idea, but I never actually do it. Maybe a month or so ago I remember thinking that I needed to stop consuming content in order to sort of let my mind rest and rejuvenate itself so I could end up having some real unique thoughts. I obviously didn’t do that and it’s a shame that I’m this lazy. I know what I should be doing and then I don’t do it, either because of cowardice or distraction. Maybe I’m ADHD, maybe I’m just retarded, maybe I need to stop making excuses.

Actually no, I enjoy making excuses and I enjoy being a hypocrite. It actually makes me feel great.

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