Sour Grapes

I’ve always found it strange how people use the expression sour grapes in a negative way, as if they believe that to have the mindset of sour grapes, the perspective of sour grapes, is to in some way hurt oneself. That by being a person with sour grapes, you are a kind of absurd clown. … Continue reading Sour Grapes


I don’t even know, man. I just feel really bummed out right now. Like, it’s not even a semi-satisfactory sort of feeling.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I don’t know whether to be disappointed or impressed by the human ability to emulate what we see in others. We see someone wearing something, we see someone doing something, we see someone moving their body in a specific way and we take that information in and there’s a very good chance we will at … Continue reading Monkey See, Monkey Do


Curiosity did not kill the cat. If anything it kept it alive. Without curiosity there would be no reason to drink another glass of water, to eat another bowl of oatmeal, or to see another sunrise. Only through an interest in possibility can we sustain ourselves through a life of so much repetition. Sleep for … Continue reading Curiosity


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